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Stranded Teens

When the Coast Guard arrived, they were unable to get their rescue boat close enough to get to the teens. So a Coast Guard swimmer got to the boys and they were brought to the rescue boat one by one, the Coast Guard said.

stranded teens


The teens in distress reported via cell phone that they were approximately three miles away from the nearest trail in the Baldy Mountain area and were in chest-deep snow. They also reported that they had no survival gear. After the notification, AST notified the Rescue Coordination Center at JBER and AKRCC accepted the mission.

Snow and fog limited visibility so the HH-60G utilized light along the Glenn Highway to navigate to the location. The stranded teens were asked to activate their cell phone flashlights at approximately four miles out.

The Pararescue team dropped down 80 feet on a hoist to the teens and they were hoisted back up to the Pavehawk. They were provided en-route care and transported to the Mat Su Regional Hospital where a medical team and their parents were waiting.

The brothers were traveling from Atlanta to the Philippines but were stranded in Seoul after Korean Air did not agree to a request to stop serving peanuts around the teens because the older brother has a severe peanut allergy, media outlets including USA Today and Good Morning America reported. 041b061a72


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