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Buy Gold Fresno

In 1982, Fresno Coin Gallery Jewelry & Loan opened as a small mom and pop business in a tiny building down the street from their current location. Their focus was on gold bullion coins and other gold buying, and in 1996, they expanded their services to include pawn loans on gold jewelry, diamonds, sterling, Rolex watches and coins.

buy gold fresno

California Gold Connection will help educate you on what you have and the process of selling it. The better you understand the process, the less chances you have of being taken advantage of, regardless of where you decide to sell your scrap gold.

In 1982, Fresno Coin Gallery Jewelry & Loan opened as a small mom and pop business in a tiny building down the street from their current location. Their focus was on bullion coins, gold bars and gold buying, and in 1996, they expanded their services to include pawn loans on gold jewelry, diamonds, sterling, Rolex watches and coins.

Established in 2002, Jem Coins and Jewelry is a small coin shop serving the needs of Fresno collectors. They carry silver, gold, and numismatic collectibles, along with a wide array of preowned jewelry. Jem Coins has a unique and varied collection of coins, making this shop fun to browse. The coin selection includes gold, silver, U.S. coins, and coin collecting supplies. They offer appraisals, and buy all forms of gold and silver, including jewelry, coins, bullion, and scrap. Although Jem Coins and Jewelry has little internet presence, they have earned a reputation for fair pricing and an ever-changing selection.

The Ritz Jewelry is a gold buyer and jewelry store serving Fresno precious metal sellers. While they specialize in jewelry, The Ritz also offers a selection of gold and silver coins and bullion for purchase. The adjoining gold-buying area will purchase all forms of precious metal, including gold and silver bars and rounds.

Majestic Jewelry & Loan is a pawn shop specializing in fine jewelry and precious metals. This shop was founded in 1949, more than 60 years ago. Since then, it has served as a familiar downtown Fresno landmark. They buy and sell gold, platinum, and silver. Among their inventory are pre-1933 U.S. gold coins, U.S. silver dollars, foreign gold coins, and bullion bars and rounds. They also purchase scrap gold by weight, and can provide current per-ounce or per-gram pricing over the phone. Majestic Jewelry also deals in rare and graded coins and currency, among other collectibles. Their showcases offer a unique and ever-changing variety of coins, bullion, and other precious metals; details about their current inventory are available by phone.

Since 1973 we have been trading all popular forms of bullion to US citizens. When investors call us asking if they should buy gold as a hedge fund against inflation, we inform them about the benefits. Buying gold at low premiums is a valuable investment for your future. When compared with investments in stocks, precious metals like gold typically hold their value better.

As long as you buy gold bullion, the simple answer is that both coins and bars are valuable purchases. Clients in Fresno want to know which is more suitable, buying gold coins or bars. This decision depends on the purpose and term of the investment.

Gold coins are preferred in smaller quantities and for trading purposes. If you intend to invest in more significant amounts for long periods, the low premiums and ease of storage make bars more attractive. These are some of the reasons why investors in Fresno buy bullion gold coins and bars:

At Luxe Grillz, your trust is very important to us. We believe that buying a custom-fitted set of luxury grillz online should be simple, honest, and straightforward. To that end, we guarantee that every set luxury grillz on our site is made of solid gold and natural diamonds. Our mission is to be the leading trusted online source for selling gold and diamond teeth sets. Every set of grillz is handcrafted to meet the exact mold of your mouth. We ensure guaranteed fitting of our product and know that you will be more than satisfied with your set of new gold or diamond teeth. We stand behind this authenticity guarantee with a full money back refund on any order that does not meet your expectations.

Fresno rests in the heart of California%u2019s San Joaquin Valley. It is the home of a few very well regarded coin shops. In Fresno, you will find there are lots of good options for buying gold bullion or rare coins. Reputation in this area is crucial so you can be sure that you will get anything that you might be looking for including that authentic rare coin or silver bar.

Lear Capital have been America's Precious Metals leader since 1997, and we strive to not only earn your business but to maintain it with superior service. We can help you diversify your portfolio by buying gold, acquiring premium rare coins, or by rolling over your IRA to one that is backed by gold and silver.

The establishment known as Dean's Gold and Pawn is a type of pawn business that specializes in jewelry, coins, and precious metals. The company has served silver and gold sellers and buyer in Fresno for over 30 years. These pawn brokers buy every type of precious metal that includes scrap, bullion, jewelry, and coins. They also provide an inventory that regularly changes of precious metal bars and coins along with their famous layaway program which is not common when it comes to coin shops. Some other services on offer include jewelry cleaning and gold testing for free.

Jem Coins and Jewelry a business first established in the year 2002, is a smaller coin shop that serves the requirements of the Fresno collectors. This establishment carries numismatic collectibles, gold, silver and an extensive range of pre-owned jewelry. They also sell varied and unique coin collections which make this the type shop that is interesting to browse. Their range of coin selections is composed of U.S. coins, silver, gold as well as coin collecting supplies. Jem Coins and Jewelry offer appraisals and are open to buying all types of silver and gold that will include bullion, coins, scrap, and jewelry. Despite the fact that this store has a little Internet presence, they have still managed to earn a positive reputation in regards to their ever-changing collections and fair pricing.

This particular store is a jewelry and gold buyer shop that offers services for precious metal sellers in the Fresno area. While this store mainly specializes in jewelry, they also feature various silver and gold coins as well as bullion for sale. The adjoining area of gold-buying purchases precious metals in different forms such as silver and gold bar along with rounds.

The Majestic Jewelry & Loan is the type of pawn shop that has a specialty on precious metals and fine jewelry. Founded in the year 1949 which is over six decades ago, it is known as an extremely familiar landmark in downtown Fresno. This store sells and buys silver, platinum, and gold. Their inventory includes the pre-1933 US gold coins, different gold coins, US silver coins, rounds and bullion bars. This store purchases scrap gold according to weight and offers a per-gram or per-ounce pricing. The store deals in graded and rare coins, currency, along with other types of collectibles.

We consistently pay top dollar for gold and platinum and many higher quality diamonds, GUARANTEED! We will match or beat any verified offer to buy your gold*. We will provide a professional assessment of your jewelry on the spot and pay you immediately should you decide to sell.

FRESNO, CA, Thursday, March 9, 2023 - Effective Thursday, March 9th, until further notice, the following County of Fresno Parks will be closed due to storm conditions and potential flooding: Avocado Lake Park, Choinumni Park (day use and campgrounds), Lost Lake Park (day use and campgrounds), Winton Park, Laton-Kingston Park, and Skaggs Bridge Park. For additional information please email or call (559) 600-3004.

Granted Statehood in 1850, California has long been associated with gold. Indeed, the 1848 California Gold Rush is a key event in the history of the American West. Though gold and silver mining are no longer big industries in California, the booming economy and population of the state are telling reminders of the importance of this state.

Today, California has the largest economy of any state and is the most populous US state, so it easily follows that there are a massive number of coin and bullion stores in California. Below you will find a list of featured gold and silver dealers, as well as a list of cities in California where you can locate even more bullion and coin shops.

CBMint is not based in the state of California, so California residents are not required to pay sales tax when buying bullion online from If you are a California resident, feel free to Browse our Selection of tax-free bullion products. The California state sales tax is currently 7.25%. This applies to all goods and services, including when you buy silver and gold bullion in California.

Please note that several cities and municipal areas within California also charge local sales taxes, which can push up the cost of buying gold and silver locally even higher. Remember, we are not tax experts or tax professionals. Individuals are sometimes required to pay local Use taxes. Contact your state and local tax authority for all laws concerning taxes when buying bullion locally.

The Fresno Coin Gallery has recently expanded, now having three locations in Fresno and Visalia. They are a family-owned and operated business and have been in the coin and bullion industry for over 30 years. They carry a reputation of being devoted and passionate numismatists and investors, and actively buy coins and bullion from the public, ensuring a wide and varied product selection. The Fresno Coin Gallery is one of the best gold and silver dealers in Fresno, and a must-stop for those looking to buy gold and silver bullion in Fresno or Visilia. Their main location can be found at: 041b061a72


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