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The return of an old favorite.Our Grandpa's ripe Puer tea is a 7 gram ball that is blended with the intention that you will not handle it with care. Meant to be tossed into a cup, mug, or thermos and brewed grandpa style with very little attention. Just a quick boiling rinse, add boiling water and enjoy. The Grandpa's has a smooth body and a classic heavy bodied shu character that has legs.Each purchase is for one 7 gram ball.


Welcome to IGN's walkthrough through the first section of Grandpa's House in Madison. Now that you are clear of Luca's House and the threat of his angry father, you are free to explore the abandoned house of Luca's grandpa. It is here you learn that Luca's father was communicating with Priest Thomas about curing demonic possession. 041b061a72


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