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My Little Universe: How to Craft, Mine and Fight Your Way to a Beautiful World

My Little Universe: What It Means and How to Create It

Have you ever felt like you are living in a big, chaotic, and stressful world that is out of your control? Do you sometimes wish you could escape to a place where you can be yourself, pursue your dreams, and enjoy your life? If so, you are not alone. Many people struggle with finding meaning, happiness, and peace in their daily lives. That is why it is important to create your own little universe.


In this article, we will explore what a little universe is, why you need one, how to create one, and what benefits it can bring to your life. A little universe is not a physical place, but a mental and emotional space where you can express your true self, follow your passion, and connect with what matters to you. It is a way of living that reflects your values, goals, and personality. It is also a source of joy, inspiration, and strength that can help you cope with the challenges and opportunities of the big world.

my little universe

What is a little universe?

A little universe is a term that can have different meanings for different people. Some may think of it as a hobby, a project, or a passion that they devote their time and energy to. Others may see it as a community, a group, or a family that they share their interests and experiences with. Still others may consider it as a mindset, a perspective, or a philosophy that they live by. Whatever it is, a little universe is something that makes you feel alive, fulfilled, and happy.

Why do you need a little universe?

You may wonder why you need a little universe when you already have a big one to deal with. The answer is simple: because the big world can be overwhelming, stressful, and exhausting. It can also be boring, dull, and unsatisfying. It can make you feel lost, confused, and unhappy. That is why you need a little universe to balance out the negative effects of the big world. A little universe can give you:

  • A sense of purpose and direction

  • A way to express your creativity and individuality

  • A chance to explore your potential and talents

  • A platform to share your voice and ideas

  • A opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge

  • A place to relax and have fun

  • A refuge from stress and problems

  • A support system of like-minded people

In short, a little universe can make your life more meaningful, enjoyable, and rewarding. How to create your own little universe

Creating your own little universe is not as hard as it may seem. You don't need a lot of money, time, or resources to do it. You just need to follow these simple steps:

Find your passion and purpose

The first step to creating your own little universe is to find out what you are passionate about and what you want to achieve in life. This can be anything that sparks your interest, curiosity, or excitement. It can be related to your work, your hobbies, your studies, or your personal goals. To find your passion and purpose, you can ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you love to do?

  • What are you good at?

  • What makes you happy?

  • What challenges you?

  • What do you want to learn more about?

  • What do you want to contribute to the world?

Once you have some answers, you can narrow them down to one or a few that resonate with you the most. These will be the core of your little universe.

Surround yourself with positive people and things

The next step to creating your own little universe is to surround yourself with positive people and things that support your passion and purpose. These can be friends, family, mentors, colleagues, or online communities that share your interests, values, and goals. They can also be books, podcasts, videos, blogs, or courses that provide you with information, inspiration, and motivation. To surround yourself with positive people and things, you can do these things:

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  • Join online or offline groups or clubs that are related to your passion and purpose

  • Follow social media accounts or websites that post relevant and uplifting content

  • Subscribe to newsletters or magazines that offer useful tips and insights

  • Attend events or workshops that teach you new skills or knowledge

  • Reach out to people who have achieved what you want to achieve and ask for advice or feedback

By surrounding yourself with positive people and things, you can create a network of support and encouragement that can help you grow and thrive in your little universe. Express yourself creatively and authentically

The third step to creating your own little universe is to express yourself creatively and authentically through your passion and purpose. This can be done by creating something that showcases your skills, talents, or ideas. It can also be done by sharing your thoughts, feelings, or opinions with others. To express yourself creatively and authentically, you can do these things:

  • Start a blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel, or a social media account that focuses on your passion and purpose

  • Write a book, an article, a poem, or a song that tells your story or message

  • Make a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, or a collage that illustrates your vision or imagination

  • Design a website, an app, a game, or a product that solves a problem or meets a need

  • Perform a dance, a play, a speech, or a comedy that entertains or educates your audience

By expressing yourself creatively and authentically, you can add value and meaning to your little universe and the big world.

Learn new things and explore new possibilities

The fourth step to creating your own little universe is to learn new things and explore new possibilities that are related to your passion and purpose. This can help you expand your horizons, challenge yourself, and discover new opportunities. To learn new things and explore new possibilities, you can do these things:

  • Read books, articles, blogs, or magazines that cover topics that interest you or teach you something new

  • Watch videos, documentaries, movies, or shows that inspire you or inform you about something different

  • Listen to podcasts, audiobooks, music, or radio that stimulate you or expose you to something unfamiliar

  • Take courses, classes, webinars, or tutorials that improve your skills or knowledge in your field or area of interest

  • Travel to places, cultures, or environments that fascinate you or offer you a new perspective

By learning new things and exploring new possibilities, you can enrich your little universe and the big world. Practice gratitude and mindfulness

The fifth and final step to creating your own little universe is to practice gratitude and mindfulness in your daily life. This can help you appreciate what you have, enjoy the present moment, and cope with stress and challenges. To practice gratitude and mindfulness, you can do these things:

  • Keep a journal, a list, or a jar of things that you are grateful for or that make you happy

  • Write a thank-you note, a letter, or a message to someone who has helped you or inspired you

  • Give a compliment, a gift, or a hug to someone who deserves it or needs it



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