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[S5E6] Knockout

This is the first season to extend the use of steals in the knockout round, which was previously made available only in the Battle rounds;[3][4] and the Instant Save during live shows, allowing Twitter's tweets from the viewers (based on the airing of East Coast/Pacific time zones) to save a contestant eligible from elimination.[5] The iTunes multiplier bonus introduced on season three also returned but the multiplier was reduced to five, which was still applied till this day.[6]

[S5E6] Knockout


Outside, Cheshire tracks Roquette's trail with infra-reds. Artemis engages and then subdues her with knockout gas. When Artemis comes closer, Cheshire sweeps her down and says that her mask has built-in filter. Artemis tries to take her on, but Cheshire immobilizes and knocks her out with ease, wishing her better luck next time. 041b061a72


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