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Note: if you have already purchased QCAD Professional or QCAD/CAM, you can access your purchased software and e-books as well as updates directly through the download link that was sent to you via e-mail directly after your purchase. The e-mail subject is "Order / Commande / Bestellung" + your order number. More information...

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These packages contain QCAD, bundled with a free trial of QCAD Professional. The trial runs 15min at a time and can then be restarted. You can order QCAD Professional from our Online Shop and download the full version immediately. Alternatively, you can choose to remove the trial and use the reduced free QCAD Community Edition instead.

If you are looking for the free open source QCAD Community Edition, you can download the trial version for your platform (see above) and then remove the QCAD Professional add-on running in trial mode (click Remove in the Trial widget and follow on screen instructions).

Do not go out of DKIM testing mode ('t=y') until your DNS records have propogated (3-5 days). Failure to wait for this to take place could cause delivery failures.*Exclusive mode will not work with mailing lists so use this with caution.In order for their messages to be eligible for signing, local users must authenticate when sending mail.

SQL Server 2016 SP3, Microsoft SQL Server 2016 SP3 Express, and Microsoft SQL Server 2016 SP3 Feature Pack are available for manual download and installation at the following Microsoft Download Center websites.

This script will sign into (using existing credentials), and download the latest appropriate geolocation database for the BIG-IP release and install the update. This should work on all current supported BIG-IP releases.

Place the script in /etc/cron.weekly or /etc/cron.daily and ensure that it is executable. It stores the name of the last update installed in /var/tmp/geo and only downloads if a new file is available.

download is simply a wrapper for curl::curl_download that allows multiple documents to be download, has the tempdir pre-set as the destfile (named loc in textreadr), and also returns the path to the file download for easy use in a magrittr chain.

You are providing your consent to Epson America, Inc., doing business as Epson, so that we may send you promotional emails. You may withdraw your consent or view our privacy policy at any time. To contact Epson America, you may write to 3131 Katella Ave, Los Alamitos, CA 90720 or call 1-800-463-7766.

This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for FreeBSD versions 13.X and 12.X.Every effort has been made to make this FAQ as informative as possible; if you have any suggestions as to how it may be improved, send them to the FreeBSD documentation project mailing list.

The latest version of this document is always available from the FreeBSD website.It may also be downloaded as one large HTML file with HTTP or as a variety of other formats from the FreeBSD FTP server.

Most people do not actually use an operating system.They use applications.The applications are what really use the operating system.FreeBSD is designed to provide a robust and full-featured environment for applications.It supports a wide variety of web browsers, office suites, email readers, graphics programs, programming environments, network servers, and much more.Most of these applications can be managed through the Ports Collection.

This is discussed continually on the FreeBSD mailing lists but is to be expected since hardware changes so quickly.Read through the Hardware Notes for FreeBSD 12.3 or 13.1 and search the mailing list archives before asking about the latest and greatest hardware.Chances are a discussion about that type of hardware took place just last week.

There are rare cases where INDEX will not build due to odd cases involving OPTIONS_SET being set in make.conf.If you suspect that this is the case, try to make INDEX with those variables turned off before reporting it to FreeBSD ports mailing list.

The Sendmail server is the default mail-server software for FreeBSD, but it can be replaced with another MTA installed from the Ports Collection.Available ports include mail/exim, mail/postfix, and mail/qmail.Search the mailing lists for discussions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the available MTAs.

To start another session, perhaps to look at documentation for a program or to read mail while waiting for an FTP transfer to finish, hold down Alt and press F2.This will display the login prompt for the second virtual console.To go back to the original session, press Alt+F1.

This point and others are often discussed on the mailing lists, particularly the FreeBSD security mailing list.Search the archives here for an extensive discussion.A more fine-grained mechanism is preferred.

The mail system implements some Postfix checks on incoming mail and rejects mail that is either from misconfigured relays or otherwise appears likely to be spam.Some of the specific requirements are:

OTA Updates (Over-the-Air Updates, also known as wireless updates) were introduced with iOS 5. This allows a user of a device to go into Settings > General > Software Update and download and install the latest iOS software on-device, without the need for iTunes. The device checks an XML-based PLIST file on or sends a POST JSON request to (codenamed Pallas) for updates. The updates are delivered in plain unencrypted ZIP files.

IOS devices provide larger storage space that could store emails, browsing histories, chat histories, Wi-Fi data and GPS data and more. From the forensics perspective, such devices could present lots of useful artifacts during the investigation. There are well-defined procedures to extract and analyze data from IOS devices which are included in this paper. This paper could be divided into the following sections. Introduction to the forensic processes focused towards mobile forensics, extracting logical and physical data from the IOS devices, IOS file system and storage analysis, analysis of logical data, data from the iTunes and iCloud back up, Wi-Fi and GPS data.

Due to the rapid growth, it also introduced challenges. The ratio of new models designed and launched is very high which makes it very difficult to follow similar procedures. Each case or investigation of the new model needs to be considered differently and requires following steps that could be different and unique to the case. With these challenges in mobile forensics, syncing mobiles phone to a computer using software becomes easy. One could extract data like SMS, contacts, installed applications, GPS data and emails, deleted data.

Property lists are the XML files used in the management of configuration of OS and applications. These files contain useful artifacts related to web cookies, email accounts, GPS Map routes and searches system configuration preferences, browsing history and bookmarks. These files could be open to the simple text editor to view the contents.

Logical extraction of the iPhone could provide lots of SQLite database files as it uses SQLite databases to store user data, the tool SQLite browser is used to explore and read SQLite database which can be download from

IOS devices are provided with some pre-installed applications like Safari browser, e-mail client, calendar and basic phone function utilities like Camera, Call history. These artifacts can be found in the application folder itself.

AddressBook.sqlitedb database file provides details like name, surname, email address and phone number of each contact. This information is saved in tables. The main tables are ABPerson and ABMultiValue.

The Voicemail folder at /private/var/mobile/Library contains AMR codec audio files of each voicemail recorded message and voicemail.db database, where information related to each audio file like sender, the date, the duration and so on are stored.

Account information can be found from the Library/Preferences/com.facebook.plist file. Email address and Facebook id of configured account on the application could be extracted from this file. The date of the last time application was also used could be retrieved from this file.

A file named com.getdropbox.Dropbox.plist is stored in the preferences folder. This plist file contains user information like name, surname, and email. The application structure is shown in the screenshot below:

In this document, we covered forensic techniques for IOS device so examiners can handle investigation efficiently and could gather as much as available artifacts with efficient way. We covered types of IOS devices; IOS file system and IOS operating system. Acquisition methods for Logical extraction, file system extraction, and physical extraction was presented with step by step procedures using forensic tools. How to parse acquired data and identified artifacts and its locations covered in brief. The last section covered data extraction and analysis from the iTunes and iCloud. IOS Backup contains photos, videos, contacts, email, call logs and many important artifacts.

download is simply a wrapper for curl::curl_download that allowsmultiple documents to be download, has the tempdir pre-set as thedestfile (named loc in textreadr), and also returns the path tothe file download for easy use in a magrittr chain.

In recent weeks, Microsoft has detected multiple 0-day exploits being used to attack on-premises versions of Microsoft Exchange Server in a ubiquitous global attack. ProxyLogon is the name given to CVE-2021-26855, a vulnerability on Microsoft Exchange Server that allows an attacker to bypass authentication and impersonate users. In the attacks observed, threat actors used this vulnerability to access on-premises Exchange servers, which enabled access to email accounts, and install additional malware to facilitate long-term access to victim environments. 041b061a72


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