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GCSE Business Studies (Instant Revision) - Dr. ...

The page contains handy resources, including online revision quizzes, study notes and activity suggestions for teachers. Business studies tend to be dry so these content creators aim to make classes more vibrant and engaging. That does not mean that students can't take something away from this page.

GCSE Business Studies (Instant Revision) - Dr. ...


This site provides materials and learning support for GCSE Business Studies, including curriculum and exam information, activities and notes. You will also find a collection of short videos listed, as well as business studies-related quizzes and games. Teachers seeking to encourage group work (or students studying in groups) will find such activities a great way to encourage dialogue.

The notes section will prove particularly valuable for student revision. These PDF files contain all the information needed for each study module. You may download them and print them out so you can add your own notes as you progress through your studies.

This revision site is aimed directly at pupils. Teachers can use some of the content when teaching the curriculum but pupils will certainly benefit more from this site. They'll find loads of resources to set up their revision timetable and start their studies with.

St Crispin's School has made available a handy Revision booklet for GCSE Business Studies pupils. It's split into two units and features a glossary of terms at the end. In this guide, you can find a range of relevant information collected and grouped together for you in an accessible format. You can use Crispins to support your home studies and to make sure your revision covers all the bases.

As we said before, business is universal, so talking to your friends and family about business is a great way to ensure you've got those all-important concepts locked in. In the exam, you're likely to come across some case studies, and talking to friends and family about LinkedIn's new features or Spotify's latest marketing campaign is essentially like revising a case study out loud without even realising it!

Whilst no GCSE can guarantee you a job, Business Studies is great for opening doors to any sector. After all, every sector has businesses! With a business studies GCSE you could go on to do a business administration apprenticeship, or you could decide to do a business studies A level and/or related degree.

very stressed, i have 5 days until i have 22 gcse exams for my 10 (or 11 I'm not sure) subjects. have done absolutely f- all revision, but tonight I'm planning to really get some stuff done, good luck to everyone else

I NEED HELP. My exam isn't tomorrow but my examS start one after the other tuesday and its currently friday. They're my gcses and i need Bs and i have barely touched my subjects revision wise. Any advise? and yes i know im an idiot. 041b061a72


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