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Facebook Chat Heads Anywhere Cydia

Now to system-wide Chat heads in action, simply launch the Facebook app, initiate chat with any of your Facebook contact (which should open a Chat head), and quit the Facebook app. The chat heads should still be accessible from your home screen. To remove a Chat head, simply drag it down to the bottom of the screen.

facebook chat heads anywhere cydia

If you tap a chat head the conversation will open and if you tap it again it will close. You can also drag the chat head around to anywhere on the screen and remove it by tapping and dragging down on the bottom portion of the screen. Remember that right now messageBox is in beta and does have occasional hiccups. The full version will be released on Cydia shortly and we will be sure to let you guys know when it drops.

Messenger Heads are now available on iOS devices and can be unlocked using Facebook 6.0, allowing you to access the new Stickers feature. The reason Android chat heads are only available is because iOS does not allow third-party overlaying. If you want to unsuscribe or undo messages in a Facebook Messenger chat, follow the steps outlined below.

To activate messenger chat heads, open the messenger app and tap on the chat head of the person you want to start a conversation with. A chat head will appear on the screen. Tap on the chat head to start a conversation.

The Settings menu can be accessed by tapping the profile icon in the upper left corner. By tapping the slider, you can enable or disable the feature. If you disable this option, any chat heads that you have open at the moment will vanish. All that is required is the content.

When you receive a new message in Messenger, you will see a Facebook chat head icon. You can read the entire conversation as well as respond by app without leaving the conversation. You can return to the conversation after sending a response without having to open Messenger. Then, find theChat Heads feature and tap the slider to either enable or disable it. If you disable the chat heads option here, they will disappear if they are open. You can dismiss chat heads from the screen at any time by dragging the profile icon to the bottom of the screen.

In the past, chat heads were an excellent addition to Facebook Messenger because they allowed you to stay in a conversation while viewing the message. It is unknown whether the feature will ever be reintroduced; it was discontinued in 2017. In any case, Facebook Messenger will implement Bubbles as its default for notifications beginning with version, allowing you to continue to use that app on your Android device.

Facebook Chat Heads were launched last year introducing a really helpful feature to chat with your friends while within your Facebook feed. The Facebook Chat Heads implemented on Android are system wide - you have them everywhere until you close it. However, on iOS, they are only available on Facebook feed and the Paper app. Here is, however, how you can enable system wide Facebook chat heads in iOS.

Thanks to Adam Bell, system wide availability of Facebook chat heads became possible last year with a jailbreak tweak titled MessageBox. The jailbreak tweak, however, did not work with the latest iOS 7 until now. Adam Bell has released the latest version of MessageBox iOS 7 which extracts the Facebook Chat Heads code from FB app and run it system wide.

To install MessageBox iOS 7 v2.0, you need to have Facebook Paper installed on your jailbroken iOS 7 device. Install Facebook Paper, and also install the MessageBox iOS 7 jailbreak tweak. Once done, open Paper app and wait it to load. Press Home Button and you will see the same ol' circular chat heads on your home screen.

Messenger is a messaging and texting application provided to users by Facebook. It has been an amazing application that provides end to end encryption to protect your privacy and security. Features like chat heads made it easier for users to navigate around their device. But still it is better to have alternative that may fulfil your overall messaging requirement.

You can still get it back using the FBMChatsHeads. This is a new tweak that adds the chat heads to Facebook Messenger so that it can use as a quick reply feature. The app is available for free on BigBoss repo.


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