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Where To Buy Ginger ((NEW))

we ship every tuesday (orders received by 8am PST on tuesday) to have orders arrive by friday so that your ginger beer does not sit in a warehouse over the weekend. we cap our shipping price at $20 per 4-pack of rachel's ginger beer, regardless of distance, using the shipping service that makes the most sense.rgb is cold-packed to withstand 4 transit days. rgb will replace lost/delayed shipments that fedex does not deliver by saturday evening, except in cases of inclement weather.want it faster? want it by a specific date? we want to help! contact our shipping manager at

where to buy ginger

Click on the logos below to buy directly from their websites (where available) or to find your nearest store. Please be aware, not all stores stock our full range so we would advise calling your local store and checking before you head out the door.

To make ginger tea, slice up a small knob of fresh ginger, plop the slices in a pot of water, and boil until the liquid turns golden. I sweeten it with honey for my kids. I forced it on their sniffly piano teacher this winter. One time I cabbed over to my friend's condo midday to work my liquid magic as she lay on her couch, cursing a sudden bout of food poisoning. Not to brag, but it helped her immediately.

The hand-like stem typically takes between eight and 10 months to grow, develop its skin, and accumulate essential compounds, called gingerols, that give it spiciness and its immunity-boosting, anti-inflammatory properties.

There's no bad time to buy fresh ginger. It's a tropical plant that grows year-round in China, which has long been the largest supplier to the United States, says Robert Schuller, spokesman for Melissa's Produce, the Los Angeles-based specialty produce distributor.

In the last five or so years, ginger production has also picked up in Thailand, Brazil, and Peru, though it's a more seasonal crop in those countries, according to Schuller. India is another major grower, while Hawaii is known among small farmers as the go-to source for ginger seed.

Asian markets and farmers' markets in late summer and early fall are where you'll most likely find young ginger. Schuller says there's a growing market for greenhouse-grown young ginger in California, but it's still a niche product and pricier than mature ginger.

Pickled ginger will last, refrigerated, for at least three months and crystallized ginger for two to three months in the pantry after opening, according to the Ginger People, a supplier of ginger products. Dried ginger will keep for at least a year, but like any spice, it loses its potency over time. 041b061a72


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