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Download and Install MediaTek MT7921 Wi-Fi 6 Driver for Windows 10/11

Was ready to switch to AX200 until I found the latest driver on Lenovo, it was just released 5 days ago, installed it, restarted the computer, and haven't had any issue since 2 days straight! SO GLAD I don't need to spend money and take a risk , give it a try if you're currently experiencing it, here's the link : -mediatek-mt7921-wireless-lan-driver-for-windows-10-version-2004-or-later-thinkpad-l14-gen-2-types-20x5-20x6-l15-gen-2-types-20x7-2

download mediatek wifi 6 mt7921 driver


If you do a google search for mediatek mt7921 you will see that a large number of the results are from people having these same exact problems. I have seen lots of people with HP and some with Asus having this problem.... that makes me think that this is something affecting A LOT of people and not just a few... Like maybe there was defective bunch of these chips or a defective driver being given to people... that led me to find a fix for my laptop..

I did everything that HP tech support could recommend... even performed a couple of HP Cloud Recovery Factory Resets... but this didn't fix it either. Even before I ran any updates or installed any programs, the problem persisted on a factory reset machine. I began to theorize that maybe the driver that HP included with their recovery image and on their driver server was somehow corrupted or defective. I then determined to download a Windows 11 ISO directly from microsoft (and not HP) and let microsoft find drivers. This went well until I could not complete the setup process because it didn't detect any wifi networks. Turns out that the Windows ISO didn't have a proper driver either. There was a way to open up a command line and install a driver through there. So I looked online and found another driver (not sure from which provider) which worked enough for me to install Windows 11. But then again, on a fresh installation of Windows 11, I had the same problem. I then decided to try another driver from another computer maker (theorizing that HP had a bad driver in their repositories). I downloaded a driver called "MediaTek-FORCED-10x64-7961_3.00.01.1309_lenovo-drp" that I found on a third party site. Upon closer review, I think it actually might be for a slightly different adapter... Anyways, I removed the other driver and updated it to this one and kept my fingers crossed to see what would happen.


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