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Buy Russian Train Tickets Online [BETTER]

The child discounts are applied on rail tickets for children under 10 years (for some international trains - under 12 and under 17 years old, for commuter trains - 7 years old). One child under the age of 5 years (for some international trains - 4 years, for the trains between Finland and Russia - 6 years) may travel free of charge without a separate seat if accompanied by an adult.

buy russian train tickets online

I was traveling from SPB to MOW on 12 Sept. Booked 2 tickets for Sapsan through, the booking experience has been great and very very easy. Got our tickets the same day along with the choice of seats we had requested.Russian is highly recommended as they give out the best fares compared to other Russian train websites and every detail is in English. The website is very informative for first time Non Russian speaking travelers.Next visit is in May 2020 with family and I would gladly use to book tickets from Kazan to to SPB....

My experience with was great. The system is user friendly and the communication thorough and frequent. The two Saspan train trips between Moscow and St. Petersburg were the best transport experiences of our three week long trip in Russia and the Caucasus. The tickets were excepted without any problems and the friendly, yet professional hostess could even assist us with some English. Truly a world class experience, thank you.

Buying tickets for Russian trains is not such an easy task - even for locals. Russian rail tickets can be purchased from ticket offices directly at the train station or through a travel agency. Here are the answers to the most popular questions regarding ticket booking process.

The best means of transport to get around the Russian territory is, in my opinion, by train, as they are very safe, and I would say that it is the safest means of transport, as well as the most economic, considering the great distances they travel. In this article, I will explain everything about Russian trains and, of course, how to carry out the online purchase of tickets process that go on sale, up to 120 days in advance.

In this article, I will tell you everything about trains in Russia: the type of trains you can take, the most famous trains, the most luxurious trains, how to buy tickets online, how to cancel them, etc.

In 2020, it renewed its website, making it much easier to purchase tickets online. Keep in mind that to buy electronic tickets for short-distance trains that run from airports to the center of Moscow, you must enter the Aeroexpress website.

In high season, if you want to get a more economic price, then you have to book as soon as possible, that is, 90 days in advance (or even 120 days in the case of some trains), since prices tend to rise when demand is increasing, as it is the case with airline tickets.

Below I will explain step by step how to buy a one-way ticket between Moscow and Saint Petersburg, on the Red Arrow classic train. The purchase process is the same for any journey you are going to make by train in Russia. Nowadays, most trains allow you to buy electronic tickets.

Another company that also allows payment by PayPal is Russiantrain (not to be confused with, which offers you an advisory service in the purchase of more complex tickets, such as the various Trans-Siberian routes (this service is not offered by RZD or TUTU Travel). It also allows the purchase of tickets for international trains leaving the Russian territory (RZD does not always allow the purchase of tickets leaving the Russian border, such as the Trans-Siberian).

Electronic registration (online check-in) is available on selected trains. In order to save time, we advise you to use the electronic registration system.You will get access to this option after payment is confirmed. In order to board the train you will need to have your ID (passport) with you.

The best and most simple online ticket service for transsibirian railway tickets. I always tried to book trough this company because they have the best prices. It's necessary to mention, that you can buy tickets only 3 days before the train's departure but if you know your schedule they have the best website and best prices. Their whole website is also in English!

When visiting Russia, you might want to explore it by train. Continuing the series of articles on public transport and Moscow Railway Stations, we offer a new post on Booking Russian rail tickets below. We hope it will be useful. Should your question be left unanswered, please put your comment/question at the bottom of this page and we will do our best to answer it as soon as possible!

We offer you easy and fast Russian train ticket reservation services. We offer both electronic and paper tickets. Buying train tickets through our company, you can be assured of receiving your ticket to any destination within Russia in time. Our project is the fastest way to order Russian train tickets online.

You will not have to go through the tedious registration process to complete a purchase. If your circumstances have changed, you can issue a return of train tickets in your account. The application was created exclusively for the sale of tickets and does not imply the possibility of booking seats for a long period. To change the selected seats, the client will need to hand over tickets and make a new purchase.

You can buy a train ticket online no later than 15 minutes and no earlier than three months before the train departure on the selected route using internal communications in the Russian Federation. The rules regarding international communications are somewhat tougher and are limited to two months, but you should buy a train ticket to the CIS countries, the Baltic states and Abkhazia no earlier than 45 days before the train departures. At the same time, the passenger is fully responsible for completing the full package of migration documents when crossing foreign countries.

Forget about the queues at the ticket offices! We have prepared an up-to-date train schedule, which reflects up-to-date information on the departure of trains and availability of seats. We have created an application for train tickets online, with which you can plan a trip in any direction on a comfortable date.

Move around Russia or travel to the CIS countries by booking tickets online without leaving your own home. After booking the selected seats and paying for them, you will need to print out the tickets and present them at departure as a travel ticket. A minimum of formalities for your peace of mind!

You can issue electronic tickets at least an hour before the scheduled departure time of the train from the selected railway station. Be vigilant when filling out the booking form! The passenger is solely responsible for the correctness of the personal information provided by him and the choice of tickets. Make sure that you have correctly determined the day and time of boarding, selected the direction of movement of the train, the type of car and seats.

Our number one job and focus is to help you purchase your high-speed Sapsan train tickets as simply, hassle free and quickly as possible. We make it easy. Choose the exact seats that you want from the train that best fits your schedule by using our interactive seating charts. Pay online safely and securely and receive your e-tickets right away. Let us answer any questions that you may have about your Sapsan tickets through chat, email or phone with caring customer service specialists. We have been assisting travelers just like you for over 10 years and have issued more than 80,000 Moscow - St. Petersburg train tickets to date.

Off-peak tickets will be "stepped up" to the peak fare when presented on peak trains. Step-up fares and extension-of-ride fares, which are charged for traveling beyond the stations listed on the ticket, will be rounded up to the next dollar.

The reason is very simple: the majority of trains fill up days or even weeks before their departure. Unless you want to spend 48 hours sitting in a regional train seat or wait a week in Moscow to take your train, I recommend that you purchase tickets at least 15 days in advance, and 20-30 days in advance in the case of China.

If I have convinced you that the best option for buying tickets is online, keep reading to find out the available options that we recommend for buying tickets as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

In China, the official website for booking train tickets can only be used if you live in the country. To make a booking on this website, you need an online bank account and a telephone number from the country. In addition, the website is only available in Chinese. Nonetheless, other options exist:

All these trains to St Petersburg have all great service starting with the more modest and efficient second-class sleeper tickets to the quite luxurious first-class and VIP tickets. However, they are more popular with Russians than with foreigners because they are cheaper but the journey will be longer.

Generally, the cost of the trainticket can vary by train class, travel distance, season, or train berth. And, remember that the price is double when you buy your tickets in Europe (Finland), and cheaper when you buy your ticket in Russia.

You can easily and safely buy Russian train tickets online here with us. You pay online and an e-ticket is emailed to you. Or you can visit any central railway office station (open from 8 am to 8 pm Mon-Sat, or from 8 am to 4 pm Sun) at least two days before your departure.You can also buy tickets for your trains to St Petersburg through special ticket offices or from travel agencies, but pay a mark-up of 10 to 50%.When buying your Russian train ticket remember to purchase the tickets in advance, especially to popular destinations such as Southern Russia, Central Russia, and the Trans-Siberian route. And, don't forget to bring your passport as it will be requested - no other documents are acceptable (except for a Russian military pass or Russian civil servant card). 041b061a72


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