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I'll Follow You Down ((LINK))

Erol's dad (Rufus Sewell) mysteriously disappeared when he was a child. Now a university student, Erol (Haley Joel Osment) learns the reason why may have been a faulty time travel experiment. Does he have the courage to follow in his father's footsteps to find out?

I'll Follow You Down

Violence: A murdered man is seen lying face down in the street. Characters discuss suicide. A woman kills herself by overdosing on pills. Another character shoots himself in the head (blood is seen).

Gillian Anderson fans may as well not turn up here as she's once more hardly in the flick but if you like annoying actors from Titanic come see Mr Andrews follow up his lousy ship building with some lousy time machine building.

It's often hard to tell where "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" is going because for a while, the film just follows the growth of Sophia and Adam's relationship. Strange things start happening to Sophia right after she starts going out with Adam, like mysterious cuts on her chest and blood in her bedsheets. All we know about these strange goings-on is that they have something to do with Adam, and that his condo's top floor is haunted. So when Adam disappears halfway through the film, it's neither shocking nor especially urgent.

This part shows the conviction and determination of the singer to be with his love throughout his life. The eye of the storm depicts hardships and struggles that may come in their way. He says he will be her peace in times of difficulties. He also commits to being by her side through thick and thin of the journey called life. He also promises to follow her through hell and back, because his love is true.

I find it hard to tell you how I want to run awayI understand it always makes you feel a certain wayI find a balance in the middle of the chaosSend me up send me downSend me never demigod

This is not a song about faith or God. It's about two people who love each other and the devotion they have for each other. Interpret it as you will but at the end of the day it's a love song more specifically it's about Brent's undying love and devotion to the women he loves:Lead vocalist Brent Smith sings on this song about an endless devotion to his girlfriend Teresa Collier over strings and piano. Drummer Barry Kerch commented to Alternative Addiction: "Really it's a love song pure and simple. I'll do whatever it takes; I'll follow you anywhere and everywhere."

It's an AMAZING love song :-) Basically I believe he is saying that he can't leave the girl he loves behind, and he knows if he had the assurance, he would still not be the best of himself. (his better half would fade), then he goes on to say that he will always keep her warm, and he will be there every step of the way even if they go all the way down. He always states "you can have all the money and the pearls", he really doesn't want ANYTHING else but this girl he loves :)

The song is about a rare, incredible, once in a lifetime love. The foundation of the relationship is completely, unguardedly believing in each other. In doing so will then have profound impact on life. The love and commitment described in the song is so great that there is nothing in the world that has more worth. And there is no where in this world that they wouldn't follow that love to!

This song hits Home with the loss of my "fake fiance'"(long story)...he was my best friend and my Lover and had my back until he lost His fight with cancer in February...I honestly should have married Mikey...even though I was by His side spiritually..he left here alone. But He knew I would follow Him long as we shared the adventure

I agree with most people that it's a song about undying love and devotion to someone you love. For me, it's about my 20 year old son who committed suicide six months ago. In his depression, I would have followed him down just to make sure he knew how much I loved him and he'd never be alone. He was a momma's boy and I still struggle when I hear this song.

I believe this is a very spiritual song.I'm so in love with it. I cry everytime it comes on. Its about loving someone so much unconditionally no matter what you will stay by their side and follow them anywhere. Even when they pass they will still be there to keep you warm.. they climb the staircase to you. Meaning they will meet in heaven someday. What a beautiful song. Anyone can interpet whatever they want in any lyrics. 041b061a72


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