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1. Racing The Storm

On a northern California housing development last year, a developer raced against the weather to pace out the site and prevent sediment from the flowing into the storm drains. Located in the Sierra Nevada foothills near Sacramento, CA, the site is on hilly terrain with several hundred steeply terraced house lots and erodible soil.

1. Racing the storm

RACING THE STORM iis inspired by the cover artwork by the same name by the artist Judith Quintin. It pictures three horses moving across the Kenyan landscape under storm clouds. The piece is in a galloping 12/8 time signature RH white key 5ths chasing the black key LH line to the end. An advanced, sophisticated and contemporary exploration of sound and drama, that works well for smaller hands.

Prepare yourself to face the oncoming storm. In this brand-new series, you will partake in a set of underground races across the US against your opponents. However, they will not be the only aspect to contend with; you will also be racing against an oncoming sandstorm while avoiding dangerous obstacles and terrain. High winds, debris, and collapsing structures are just a few things you will need to watch out for while racing at high speeds.

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