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10 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Luxurious, High-end and Expensive

If you want a high-end beautiful luxurious looking home, but is it in the budget? NO! If you can go out and buy expensive furniture and décor, you're probably already halfway there. However if it's not in the budget, you can use these styling tips and tricks to really give that high-end luxurious look to your home. So I hope you can take some of these tips and apply them to your home and really take your home to the next level.

1. Double Up on Your Duvets

There are a million ways that you can make your bedroom look and feel more luxurious. One thing that you can do, which a lot of stores do, a lot of hotels do is actually doubling up on your duvets. So if you go to the store and you see the comfortable fluffy bedding and you're wondering why your bed doesn't look like that, it's because they have two duvets on the bed. They usually lay one out flat, so it covers the entire bed that's kind of the functional duvet, and then there's one right on top that you can fold over, which adds that big thick layer, and gives that flush fluffy look to the bed. So if your bed is always lying flat not looking plush like you imagined. It’s because you need a second duvet. It will really take it to the next level and kind of give you a two-in-one experience. You get the high-end look but it also feels amazing, because it's that extra weight, comfort and warmth on top of you as you sleep. So it's really an easy thing that you can do, to add to your bedroom and really give that luxe look and feel.

2. Large Throw Pillows

Large throw pillows on a sofa just instantly give a high-end look, these could be Euro size pillows that are around, 26 by 26 and layering those in with smaller ones, which will just give that beautiful luxurious look instantly. You can use large scale pillows on your bed layer, as soon as you extend the length and size of your pillows, the room will instantly feel more luxurious. You’ll add extra comfort to your sofa and you’re sectional, but also add a really beautiful and decorative piece to your space. Large pillows always add interest, give you another surface to add pattern or color. So it adds scale, it adds balance to your space and if you're going to have a large sectional or large sofa, you need some large scale pillows as well.

3. Lighting

I think if you want a high-end beautiful experience to your home, you need some mood lighting. In order to layer your lighting, you can have a ton of different light sources all in one room. But they will all turn on and face a different direction to really highlight different features in your home. So you can already have recessed pot lights in your home and add in a chandelier, pendant lights, table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, picture lights and more. There are so many different ways to layer in your lighting in a room to highlight the hallway or fireplace. And you can add in picture lights to really accent different things, like your gallery wall or a beautiful piece of artwork. However one thing you do need to remember when adding extra lights into your home, always make sure that you're using the same temperature bulb. You don't want a day light bulb with a warm bulb, you're going to get this blue and yellow effect in your home. And it's going to throw it all off and not make your space look high-end. So think about the light bulb just as much as you would think about the actual fixture and you will end up with a beautiful look.

4. Add Wall Moldings to Your Walls

Actually I did this last year to my parents powder room and it instantly made it feel like a castle to me, putting up some picture moldings, some board and batten bead board, any kind of wall moldings to really add detail to your walls, which will really take it to the next level. You can pay big bucks to add wall moldings, to the walls of your home or you could DIY it like I did. I saved a lot of money doing it that way, it was really fun to do and it just instantly made it look high-end, taking a boring square powder room that looks like everyone else's to the next level.

5. Remove the Packaging

It makes such a big difference to the overall look if you're trying to redo your pantry or even just decorate a surface by removing the packaging. If you have little soap containers or things that have labels on them, which are drawing in different colors. It just makes everything look a lot cheaper and a little messy. So if you can rebottle products re-jar different things that you have in your home or throw things in a basket and create a new surface to the product that you have, out it will make your home look a lot more high-end. I did something similar in the laundry room, as well taking away the bright orange tide pod, container and green boxes and re-jarring everything in its own clear jar.

6. Curtains

There are so many ways to do curtains wrong, and there's some really great ways to do curtains right and make your space look bigger, more luxurious and a lot more high-end. No matter what curtain you choose, so tips for hanging curtains, make sure you hang your curtain rod above your window and pretty close to the ceiling. I usually stay like three or four inches from the ceiling, and I usually extend the bracket like six inches from the window frame. So that you get that width and you get that extra height, and then from there you can measure to see what size curtains you need. If you have curtains that are not falling onto the floor and they're kind of hanging too high that will instantly make your space not look high-end. If you have curtains that are overflowing and piling onto the ground again, it's not going to make it look high-end and luxurious. If your drapes are falling too short and they're not long enough, you can also use curtain rings like this, these ones are from IKEA. They're a beautiful just black simple curtain ring and they will add about three extra inches to your drapes. And it’s just a high-end look to have them on curtain rings in general. It gives you that length and a lot more mobility when opening and closing. And it just gives a really high-end beautiful look. I usually pick up my curtains from ikea or amazon. I’m always buying affordable curtains but I’m doing these little tricks to make them look more high-end.

7. Wallpaper

Wallpaper has always been a classic way to add the extra detail like color pattern to your space and make it look high-end. You can do this to add detail and elegance in your dining room, bedroom, living room, literally anywhere. If you don't want to use traditional wallpaper, the peel-and-stick wallpaper is all the rage right now way easier. And it's removable if you want to take it down, you can easily do that, put something else up, change it up and it's no big deal. So if you've been staring at a wall or a room of your home and just not knowing where to start or what to do with it to make it look high-end, you can start with some wallpaper.

8. Neutral Color Palette

If you're getting affordable pieces, pick a more neutral color and you'll just instantly get a more high-end look. Neutral colors are timeless. They’re easy to work with and easy to work around. If you want to add color in pattern, you can decorate with texture and contrast and color here and there. But if you stick to our more neutral palette, I think you'll just instantly have a more high-end look. If you do love color, absolutely go for it. Because that will make for a really exciting space as well, but if you're unsure you don't know, where to start, I think stick with something neutral. Whether it be white and creams or even dark and moody, any kind of neutral color will really give off that high-end, luxe look.

9. Some Large Scale Artwork

It will instantly have people saying wow, no matter what the size of your home is you can bring in large-scale artwork. And it will just make a huge impact sometimes when your artwork is too small. It’s kind of brings your space in and doesn't make it feel elevated. You can get large-scale canvases and paint your own. You can do textural art and buy an amazing piece of artwork. However large-scale artwork is usually more expensive, so doing a DIY method to creating your own is a really fun way of doing that. Large scale artwork is perfect for above your sofa, at the end of a hallway or in an entryway. Just the large scale of it, in general will really give off that high-end look.

10. Find Designer Duplicates at Better Price

Now if all else fails, you can shop dupes for your home if you want a high-end look. If you want a designer look to your home and you really want those designer furniture pieces, but can't afford them, you can shop for duplicates. There are so many great ones out there, especially a ton of restoration hardware duplicates. There are a ton of companies that realize everyone wants the cloud couch, we're going to create it too and you can get it at a fraction of the price. There's always a way around things, I love shopping designer duplicates, because you get a better price with the same look. Do your research if you're looking for a specific piece or keep eyeing on something that you know, which is a little expensive and see if there are duplicates. Every time I search a product, I can always find other ones that look so similar, I find my duplicates at IKEA, Target, and Homegoods. I feel like everywhere I go, I can find something very similar or pretty much identical at a better price.

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