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Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2021

Do you know what's going on in the world of home decor and interior design this year? If you're planning any renovations for the year or redecorating some of your spaces, I hope this article gives you some ideas on how to stay on trend, make good design decisions or just give you some ideas in general that you might like for your home. Let me know down below in the comments, what trend for this year you're looking forward to seeing and what you're looking forward to incorporating in your home.

A Warmer Color Palette

When it comes to finishes paint colors, decorative pieces, a warmer color palette is definitely more on trend right now. As opposed to the cool stark gray and whites, that we've seen in the past. I think these warmer color palettes are really going to brighten up the space, making your homes feel a lot cozier, warm and inviting. And I’m really looking forward to this trend this year. This doesn't mean that we're painting all our walls of beige again, that's definitely not happening. But even when selecting whites I think we're going to stay away from the cool stark whites and bring in more of those warmer creamier whites. Therefore we can kind of tone down this darkness of our spaces, and you're going to see a lot of the warmer color palette. For example, coming through in wood choices flooring, you're going to see less of the gray, walnut and dark tones and more of a sandy warm wood. I think it's going to be really beautiful, welcoming and just make all the spaces feel a lot happier.

A Dedicated Workspace or a Flex Space

All right this next design trend is definitely something that has come to be. Because of the climate of the world, everyone is staying at home. They're working from home, doing school from home, therefore the need for a workspace is definitely here. A work from home station a dedicated workspace or even a flex space is going to be on trend this year. I think you're going to see a lot more small desks being sold, maybe even fold out desks that you can kind of put away. Small little things that you can do around your home, to really transform a space into a dedicated office, which is going to be all the rage. This might be something that you're already doing, but maybe you'll make it a little bit more permanent this year. I think there's so many different ways of creating a great workstation, you can use things you already have, like your vanity or a console table or your closet space. There’s just so many different surfaces that you can reimagine into a workspace without taking up too much room.

Two-tone Kitchens

I’m so excited about 2021 kitchen trends and I think they're going to bring a lot more personality into kitchens and a lot of people's kitchens are looking really alike these days. The all-white kitchen is definitely still on trend but we're going to be breaking it up with some wood cabinets now. I am so excited about that we're not going to be doing all wood cabinets like we used to in the past. We're going to be breaking it up and doing two-tone kitchens with maybe a wood island, white cabinets or wood lower cabinets or white upper cabinets. We’re going to be bringing those warmer wood tones back into the kitchen. But not going all out with it, you know what I mean, I think as people choose different wood tones, it’s going to add a lot of personality to these spaces and add a lot more character and detail.

Weathered Tile Backsplash

Another kitchen trend you'll see that I’ll just kind of add on to this as well, is bringing in some more character into your backsplash. Instead of seeing the subway tile that you see all the time, white flat modern looking, you're going to see a lot more of the weathered tile. That's not perfect, it's bumpy, irregular. I think it adds a ton of character and kind of like this lived-in feeling to your space. So if you're remodeling your kitchen and don't want everything to look brand-new and just you know square and perfect, you can bring in that imperfection with some weathered tile and I think it will look amazing.

Rounded Shapes and Archways

Another thing you're going to see a lot more of in 2021 is rounded shapes and archways. I’m so excited about this, I love design that really shows off shape and this one is definitely that you're going to see, a lot more archways, arched windows, arch doorways, arch décor pieces. And you're also going to see a lot more rounded furniture which I love, and I think it's so unique. It really makes things look exciting and different, plus you don't have all those modern sharp corners, so there's something really kind of whimsical about it.

Closed Floor Plans

Something different and I’m really here for it all right, the next trend might shock you, you might not be into it, you might be really into it but we're going to be changing up the floor plans of our homes this year. Instead of knocking all the walls down and doing open concept

Like we've been doing, we're going to be adding some walls back in and making more traditional floor plans. This has a lot more to do. With people staying at home and needing some sound and privacy separation and I really love this idea. I think taking down all the walls and making everyone feel together was really great. But now I think we need some separation when it comes to living, dining, office space, and kids play space. I think some good separation works really well, especially when people are staying home so much more. We're going to be calling this closed floor plans, and they're not going to be as closed and traditional as they were in the past. I think we're going to keep our living and kitchen area very open.People can have that sense of community and that really works. But for the rest of the spaces, I think the trend is going to be going back to closing off. Some walls maybe putting in some doors, some French doors and creating some separation in our home.

More Vertical Shiplap, Less Horizontal Planks

All right now let's talk about shiplap, which definitely is not gone yet. It’s just changed. so 2021 you're going to see a lot more vertical shiplap, as opposed to horizontal planks and this really modernizes the space, lengthens, heights of spaces and adds a lot more detail without looking too farmhouse. I love that you can kind of create accent walls. That way add a lot of detail and character into your space, you can paint it which just looks amazing. If you really are a lover of shiplap, you've been planning to use it in your home. Now it is the time to flip it vertical, change up the look of it. Stay on trend and move forward into 2021 with some vertical shiplap.

Year-Round Outdoor Spaces

So this is definitely a priority this year if we can't meet at patios and we can't go on vacation and do our outings. We need to create that in our own spaces. Whether that be your backyard, your patio, your balcony, I think the best way to create a good outdoor year-round living space is by bringing in outdoor lighting, outdoor heaters, outdoor fire pits furniture and outdoor rugs. All of that will make your living space outdoors, which makes you feel comfortable and allows you to use it all year round.

Modern Vintage Style

Now into some style changes 2021, I think is all about the modern vintage style. Because bringing in vintage pieces just instantly makes your space feel lived in. It adds character and interest, making your home unique. You’ll see a lot of this style in faucet design, bathroom vanities, islands, artworks and frames. There is a lot more of that vintage, mixing with modern pieces around the home and I think that juxtaposition is just stunning. You’re into saving money if you're into thrifting vintage items, definitely looking out for some good pieces this year to incorporate into your home because you will definitely be in style. The more you make the better.

More Organic Natural Textures

Saving for warmer color palette that you're going to be seeing this year, you're also going to be seeing a lot more organic natural textures being used in rugs and wood in furniture and I think the more texture, the better you're going to see. We're staying around some painting, some woven pieces, no varnish on top and no shine that matte natural finish is really going to be in in 2021.

Dried Plants

And last but not least, let's talk about some plants. Because plants make a huge impact on your space. We went through a whole season of green lush interiors, lots of plants everywhere. Now we're actually leaning more into dried plants. They kind of tie in that boho natural aesthetic and I think they are beautiful. We saw a lot of this in 2020 with pompous grass that became a huge thing. I definitely think you're going to be seeing a lot more pompous grass dried florals. You have these nice kind of deep warm colors that are definitely on trend this year and will really pull together your home. I think dried florals is a simple thing that you can do and incorporate into your home that will really make your space feel on trend.

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