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Top 8 Different Interior Design Styles | Find Your Design 2021

Are you comfused by different interior design styles and can’t figure out which design style you like? If you don't know the differences between them, here I would like to be breaking everything down, explaining different color schemes, elements characteristics and furniture pieces that you can look for, to achieve the design style you're going after. So if you enjoyed watching and find this is helpful, make sure you leave a comment right at the end, and letting me know which design style is your favorite and which one you would incorporate into your home.

1. Boho Style

Boho style it's actually short for bohemian and it is very on trend right now. This style is all about layers plants textures, collecting different pieces and displaying everything. The Boho style can be very neutral, combines a lot of rattan natural woven textures with white creams or it can go the other way and be bright, bold and colorful. The Boho style always comes off as very artistic, and full of life and cozy but it's inspired by the traveling gypsy lifestyle of getting things from all over the world and kind of layering it all together. You'll notice a ton of floor cushions tassels pom poms macramé hanging plants, and all of that just screams. It really embraces thrifting and vintage shopping and diy projects doesn't have to be expensive. Nothing really has to match but as long as you bring those textures and colors in, you can definitely achieve that Boho look.

2. Mid-century Modern Style

Mid-century modern style which is very trendy, full of color comes off as very youthful still but it actually originated in 1940s to the 1970s. Therefore it gives off that retro look, which is all inspired from pieces and looks from back then. You can usually spot this style instantly has very distinct features. For example, furniture pieces have nice tapered legs, usually made of walnut or darker wood. Or even hairpin legs those are very mid-century as well. You'll see a lot of blues, greens and orange and you'll actually notice a lot of furniture pieces are made of plastic, like some plastic chairs and that usually points out the mid-century modern style instantly as well when it comes to mid-century modern lighting. For instance, sputnik light is very mid-century with large bulbs, gold silver and chrome features always scream at mid-century. Mid-century design and decor pieces don't have a lot of ornate detail, so it's very sparse and minimal, which is all about the clean lines. So mid-century modern is your style and you really want to achieve that look in your home. You can easily shop for mid-century modern inspired pieces online.

3. Modern Farmhouse Style

This style is very easy to achieve if you bring in shiplap, black windows, wood beams, axes on furniture, as well as chalk painted distressed furniture pieces, apron sinks, and rustic decor elements. So the farmhouse style is very easy to achieve if you bring in those different elements, you'll probably instantly get a farmhouse look but i think the farmhouse style and even the modern farmhouse style looks best in a home that already is the farmhouse style so if you're living in a farmhouse or a country home or the builder has created that style already it will definitely work if you're looking for affordable decor to add to your farmhouse home. A good place to start is hobby lobby, which has a ton of farmhouse inspired pieces so if you want to get little decor pieces or small furniture pieces, you can definitely start there.

4. Scandinavian Style

This style which is definitely one of my favorites. It is all inspired by the Nordic lifestyle in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. It's all about simplicity, coziness, a homey feeling but a lot of minimalism. The main color palettes you'll see are white, even white washed floors, there's the high contrast and then a lot of natural light woods. As soon as you see those colors together, which usually screams Scandinavian. I love the Scandinavian style, which has a big focus on coziness. Because they care about textures and warmth, bringing in those faux furs and draping them over wood benches, chairs, and laying them out on the floor. It's just so cozy to me and i love it so there's minimal decor and it's actually a lot more about space and natural light. Since there's a big focus on functionality. They use their functional pieces to be very decorative, so a really cool statement lighting fixture goes well with the Scandinavian design. Obviously a big store that is very Scandinavian inspired is IKEA, since they are from Sweden. They have a lot of those faux furs that you can throw over things so if you love that design style you'll probably love a lot of pieces from IKEA.

5. Modern Style

Modern style means clean lines, large windows, minimalism, black/white/gray/neutral colors, steel/chrome/glass all of that screams modern. So if you're trying to modernize your home, you're going to remove the ornate details, flatten out the lines and you will achieve that modern look. It even goes as far as having flat cabinets in your kitchen and square edges on your countertops. Maybe even a waterfall countertop, so if you're living in a home right now that has a glass railing, very minimal detail floor to ceiling windows, whether that be a home or a condo. Then the modern style can easily work in your home, so look around what you have seen if it will work and pick a design style that works for you. And your home okay so kind of going the opposite way of the modern style.

6. Traditional Style

This is all inspired from the 18th to 19th centuries, you'll notice a lot more detail, and more ornate features, wing back chairs and Gabriel legs tufted furniture that all screams traditional. This is absolutely a timeless style and will last forever. The traditional style to me usually comes off as pretty fancy, which is something you can easily achieve in your dining room, living room. So if you're looking to furnish your home in a more traditional style, thinking tufted furniture but the tufting that's like a diamond not a square, because that goes mid-century, wing back chairs, gold details, bringing in oil paintings and portrait paintings, will definitely give off a traditional look as well. Now maybe the traditional style is a little too traditional for you and maybe you want to bring it back to life a little bit modernize. It look a little bit more youthful that's when you take on the transitional style and the transitional style is all about mixing traditional and modern together and you end up with a more modern day look, which is inspired by the past. So when decorating in the transitional style, staying within a neutral color palette, using similar tones and shades, and using large artwork to make a statement again you can be using wing back chairs and tufted furniture pieces but you can mix it in with a modern light fixture maybe a more modern rug. And you can tie those two styles in together you'll end up with this really beautiful balance and that ends up encompassing the transitional style, so if you have traditional furniture pieces right now. And you really want to modernize your space, you can kind of move yourself into a transitional look by bringing in modern decor pieces and it will switch up that style instantly.

7. Industrial Style

This style screams loft warehouse, that kind of vibe where you have huge windows with the steel mullions between the glasses. You have an exposed ceiling and you can see the ducting all of that screams industrial when decorating in the industrial style. Think leathers textures, exposed wood, Edison bulbs that will always take you on that path towards an industrial look. The industrial style also encompasses the neutral color palette you'll see a lot of gray/black woods, whites and it keeps it very simple. i think that the industrial style has its time in place, if you have a brick wall, exposed ceilings and concrete floors, then you can definitely achieve that look right now.

8. French Country Style

Switching gears into a more airy lighter look is the French country style so this style is all about linen furniture stone, large fireplaces, traditional shaped furniture, dramatic chandeliers and a soft color palette. It's very opposite from the farmhouse style. Farmhouse has a lot of high contrast with the black and white but French country is very muted pale, low contrast decor places like pottery barn crate and barrel restoration hardware. Have a lot of beautiful linen skirted furniture pieces and that goes a long way when trying to achieve that French country look. I love that it gives off a little bit of an European look and it's just so beautiful and timeless all right and lastly let's talk about the contemporary style because contemporary is all about what's trending now. So i would say that's arches and curved round furniture, dark moody spaces, high contrast linen furniture, oak floors, and green kitchens open shelving French doors. All of those things that are in style right now, are considered contemporary, so if you're going to design your space in the contemporary style. It might end up being out of style in the future which is fine if you like to switch things up but it's not really a style that you can like hone in on forever. It's an ever-changing style and it's usually easy to shop in the contemporary style because you can find pieces everywhere that are trending now.

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