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[S1E5] On A Very Special Episode...

Schaeffer felt the entire decade of 1980s sitcoms was an inspiration for the episode, highlighting Family Ties, Full House, Growing Pains, Who's the Boss?, Roseanne, and Just the Ten of Us in particular.[12] Bettany noted that some 1980s sitcoms had "teachable moments",[13] which were sometimes marketed as "a very special episode" when they covered difficult issues.[14] One of the topics that the characters in "On a Very Special Episode..." discuss is not being able to skip the difficult parts of life.[15]

[S1E5] On a Very Special Episode...


Sometimes, you're not supposed to laugh at a sitcom. In the 1980s, family sitcoms tackled heavy issues with such regularity that they should perhaps be reclassified as dramedies. You remember these "very special episodes." Whenever an uncle turned up on Family Ties it was typically bad news. (See: "Give Uncle Arthur a Kiss" and Tom Hanks in "Say Uncle.") Characters on Mr. Belvedere and The Hogan Family contracted HIV. Ricky had to deal with his friend being abused on Silver Spoons. Punky Brewster gave CPR to a friend who hid inside an abandoned refrigerator. 041b061a72


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