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Kem - Why Would You Stay

Doubtless a hawk or some other bird of prey. Were we, like him, as sure of a dinner That on our stomachs would comfortably stay; Or were the fried ham a shade or two just thinner, That must confront us at closing of the day: Then might you sing like Theocritus or Virgil, Then might we each make a metrical essay; But verse just now--I must protest and urge--ill Fits a digestion by travel led astray.

Kem - Why Would You Stay

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A video later appeared on the Internet showing district security guards chasing a protester, named by the media as Mao Socheat, believed to be a CNRP activist, into a nearby shopping mall before beating him in a restaurant. He was saved (from what, one can only speculate) by the actions of the men and women who shielded him from the police. A deputy police chief later told the media that no such attack had taken place and, as was to be expected, no investigation would take place. 041b061a72


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